Student projects

Short descriptions of the school and university projects within COLDEX can be found here.

Spaceplanting Project FoodInSpace

FoodInSpace Workshop I: 22th August - 9th September 2003
FoodInSpace Workshop II: 2nd - 8th December 2003
Växjö, Sweden

The Spaceplanting Project implements FoodInSpace workshops in which students do plant growth experimentation using simulation and analysis tools (see InquiryTool). The workshop takes place in the context of a science center. Here the students deal with the problem of how to sustain life on a space station or on a remote planet. Participants generate hypotheses which they analyse and test in the context of scientific experiments approaching the inner essence of scientific inquiry. The instructional goal is to provide a learner-centered environment in which students are encouraged to control their own learning process.

Project website:

Escape the maze

21th - 25th July 2003
Project week at the Robert-Schuman-Gesamtschule in Willich, Germany

Students of 7th to 9th grade (K6-K8) were allowed to attend this course. They have ...

Requirements for the attendance has been interest in thinking and problem solving as well as discipline in work with the involved devices. Experience in programming was not necessary, but helpful.

The reports, photo and press articles of the project week are published: Escape the maze (de)